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Cricket Bat Size Guide | Mill Sports NZ - Shoply

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Cricket Bat Size Guide

Cricket is a gentleman’s game, but to play it properly you need the right tools, and no tool is more important than the right bat. When shopping around it can be easy to wonder “what size cricket bat is right for me?”, with all the varying weights, lengths, and overall feels seeming like nothing more than the increased potential for confusion.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on cricket bat sizes, so you can know for sure which one will suit you best.


Kids’ Cricket Bat Sizes

Let’s start at the bottom. Thinking about what cricket bat you’re going to get your son or daughter to start them on their sporting journey can be a tough one. If you go a little bigger they’ll grow into it, but their performance may suffer somewhat. On the other hand, following age-specific guidelines might leave them with something basically unusable.


If your child expresses interest in playing cricket from ages as young as four or five years old and 4’3” tall or less then the odds are a Size 1 cricket bat will suit them best, but for those between 4’3”-4’6” or between 6-7 years old a size 2 bat will be the best option. Around age 8 m most children fall somewhere between 4’6”-4’9”, and at this age, a size 3 bat will be perfect.


When a child hits the ages of 9-11 or between the heights of 4’9”-4’11”, a size 4 bat will be the right choice. Size 5 is suitable for those between 10-12 years old, or at least at a height of 4’11”-5’2”. Once that early teen growth spurt settles in between 11-13 years old and your child (or you) hits heights between 5’2”-5’6”, size 6 is the way to go.


Harrow size cricket bats are for children aged 14-15”, or adults that range between 5’6”-5’9”. These bars can be used in professional cricket, however, they’re generally reserved for local teams and teenage leagues.


Adult Cricket Bat Sizes

If you or your child stick with it long enough, the cricket bat sizing of Harrow or below will likely become too small, which means it’s time to move onto an adult size cricket bat. Adult and professional sizes are split into two main categories: Short handle and long handle.

 As you could probably guess, what makes a cricket bat short handle size is, of course, the length of the handle. On a short handle bat, the handle itself comes in at around 33” or 85 cm long, and these bats are suitable for anyone over the age of 15, or between 5’9”-6’2”. Short handle bats are the predominant form of bat found on most pro pitches.

 A long handle bat is essentially the same as a short handle bat, but the handle itself comes in at around 1” or 2.5 cm longer. Long handle bats are handy for players that clock in at 6’2” or over, as they allow them to have the same range of mobility without having to bend down to uncomfortable degrees. The width of the bat is the same as the short handle variety, being around 4 ¼” or 10.8 cm wide.

 Recently there has been a small but steady rise in the use of a newer form, the long blade cricket bat, which as you guessed it, has a slightly longer blade. These aren’t particularly common at this point in time, but the trend appears to be picking up some steam.

Cricket Bat Size Chart

With all the information we’ve provided, we’ve also put together this handy table for you to refer to, so you can pick the right cricket bat at a moment’s notice.

Note: The ‘cm’ measurements have been rounded to the nearest whole or decimal.


Bat Size

Bat Length

Bath Width

Approx Age of Batsman

Height of Batsman


25 ¼” or 64 cm

3 ½” or 9 cm


Up to 4’3”


27 ¾” or 70 cm

3 ½” or 9 cm




28 ¾” or 73 cm

3 ¾” or 9.5 cm




29 ¾” or 75.5 cm

3 ¾” or 9.5 cm




30 ¾” or 78cm

4” or 10 cm




31 ¾” or 80.6 cm

4” or 10 cm




32 ¾” or 83 cm

4 ⅙” or 10.5 cm



Full Size SH

33 ½” or 85 cm

4 ¼” or 10.8 cm



Full Size LH

34 ⅜” or 87.3 cm

4 ¼” or 10.8 cm




Where To Go?

If you’re interested in buying yourself, or your child a cricket bat, why not come to us at Mill Sports? We stock a wide range of brands for cricket bats and other sporting equipment in every size that you can imagine. You could even stock up for the whole household and get your family reunion league team ready for pitch combat!

We’re committed to providing high-quality sporting equipment solutions at a variety of price points and sizes, so you can get your arsenal at the ready with everything you need. We don’t just stop with cricket either, stocking supplies for tennis, hockey, and more! Make a trip to Mill Sport’s Website  to visit a one-stop-shop for all your sporting supply needs.

Hopefully, this blog helped you on your way to finding your inner batsman!

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